Buying Your Property

Understanding Past, Current And Future Trends

"Is A Freehold Property Better Than A Leasehold For Capital Appreciation? How About For Rental Income?"

"Singapore Has Several Areas Undergoing Transformations, Where Should I Choose?"

"How Do I Choose The Right Project With The Highest Potential? Is The Facing Of The Unit Important?"

"The Asking Price Is Higher Than The Average Transacted Prices, Can I Still Buy?"

"This Project Is Not Within Walking Distance To The MRT, Is There Room For Growth?"

"I Want To Build A Property Portfolio To Pass On To My Children But The ABSD Is Too High, What Are My Options?"

7 things to do before buying your property
7 things to do before buying your property

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01. Understanding Your Objectives

Buying on impulse and buyer’s remorse. Are these familiar terms to you? Or are you sitting on the fence and need someone to clarify your doubts and concerns? That’s where we come in! We want to get to know you first, understand your end goals and thereafter we help you figure out your best option.

02. Evaluate Finances And Timeline

Before entering the market, it is important to know how we should approach it through a careful evaluation of the current financial position with a mortgage banker and be aware of the future commitments. Additionally for financial prudence, we want to put in place a safety net in terms of cash / CPF reserves to cater for rainy days. After settling the finances, this allows us to determine the entry price range and enter the market with confidence as choice units can be snapped up rather quickly!

03. Assess Market Risks and Options

We will go through your available options, whether you should go for new or resale and compare projects in your preferred locale. An analysis of the property market will be shared with you so that you have a better understanding on the impact of government policies as well as demand and supply for the different areas in Singapore. We will advise you according to your objectives such as if you intend to relocate from the East to Central or upgrade from a 2 bedroom to a 4 bedroom unit in the near future. 

04. Analyse Shortlisted Projects

Every project has its own unique set of attributes, hence they tend to exhibit price disparities even if factors such as age, location, facilities etc are similar. We will help you sieve out these projects by applying a 7-step framework to derive suitable units for you. This will mean we go dive deep into historical data, present market demand and supply, and future developments such as the Master Plan.

05. Arrange For Viewings And Discussions

Now we are a step closer to find your dream home after making sense of the hard numbers and data. Based on the set criteria, we will arrange to view shortlisted units to take a closer look at the individual aspects of each unit. After completing the viewings, we will round up by contributing our inputs for a constructive discussion. 

06. Consult External Partners

This is when we can consult the experts such as:

i) the lawyers for special deal structures,
ii) mortgage bankers for structuring or deviations,
iii) interior designers for space configurations, or
iv) fengshui masters.

After the finer details are ironed out, its time to firm up the deal and ensure the transaction proceeds smoothly.  

07. Regular Reviews On Property Health

Depending on your preferred frequency, this could be an annual review to understand the health status of your property where we provide you with the data on the current market value, potential rent and comparison against similar projects. 

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