Marketing Plan

1\\ Home Styling & Touch-Ups

We do our best to improve the listing before it hits the market. In order to showcase the positive attributes of your property, we do not want buyers to be distracted and be bothered by the typical wear and tear.

First impression matters and we want buyers to fall in love at first sight with your property! We will advise you on the areas to touch-up and declutter to highlight the strengths of your property.

2\\ Professional Photoshoot & Virtual Tour

POV - Video Walkthrough
3D Virtual Tour

To bring out the best of your home, we will take wide-angle photos and enhance the photos with Photoshop, without overdoing it, to make the property stand out among the crowded marketplace. 

3\\ Internal Network Of Close To 12,000 Agents

It is important to collaborate with as many agents as possible as they would have pre-qualified and determined the readiness and preferences of the clients. When you list with us, our internal network of close to 12,000 agents will be updated of the new listing and have first-hand information to provide to the clients. 

We also welcome all real estate agents from other agencies to co-broke with us to achieve the desired results for you!

4\\ Targeted Geographical and Demographical Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a proactive approach that connects to the buyers by grabbing their attention on social media.

We target specifically to a close radius of the listing and the gist of this, lies in our expertise in client targeting such as the right demographics, age, interest, race, religion and more to reach out to your potential buyers. We will take care of what goes on behind the scenes.

5\\ Marketing On ALL Major Property Portals With Consistency

Of course, we will ensure that your property will be visible 24/7 to home seekers on ALL major property portals and that your listing gets maximum exposure by re-posting it during the peak timings.

We are mindful of our commitment to you and we will ensure that your property does not fall behind in rankings on the property portals.

6\\ Property Brief For Buyers

This is a limit to the content we can put up on the property portals hence with a property brief, we can provide buyers with all the information on the property including larger and higher resolution images, links to video tour and 3D virtual tour on a single landing page.

Example of a Property Brief.

7\\ Pre-Qualification And Control

As the sole agent, we will pre-qualify to ensure buyers are prepared and are aware of the financial aspect of the transaction. As all offers go through us, we get to know all the buyers and those who are likely to make an offer. In tandem, we have an overview of how and what the market is pricing your property and this allows for further fine-tuning of the marketing campaign if required.

8\\ Showflat Experience

We want to match or even better the viewing experience than what the buyers have already viewed online. This keeps them aligned with their expectations and stay interested to explore the property.

There will be more to share with you later on when we start to prep for the viewings.

9\\ Viewing Progress And Report

We understand every owner is keen to know the progress and if a sale is coming soon. Hence we record every viewing and the feedback given into an online progress report so that you can check it anytime at your own convenience. 

10\\ Regular Catch-Ups

Everyone likes to stay on top of things! This is why we like to do fortnightly discussions to review the feedbacks received, the trends and competing listings. 

This is also a good opportunity to make changes to the listing or the furniture placement of the property etc…

11\\ Transaction Process

We will prepare the offer letter, the option to purchase, seek appropriate legal counsel (ie: decoupling, buying in trust) and mortgage financing advice from the banks.

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